Tour of Britain

Today Years 1-6 had a superb afternoon walking to Gawthrop to watch the Tour of Britain pass through Dentdale. What an inspiring performance! We all enjoyed the walk via Mill Beck which gave us a chance to look at the village and the dale from a new angle.

When we arrived at our excellent vantage point we had a lot of time to spare, but we enjoyed watching the huge entourage of support vehicles, police motorbikes, stewards, cameramen, etc. come flying past us up the hill.

Finally we had our chance to cheer as the riders blasted past us up the steep road into Barbondale, as the TV helicopter hovered noisily overhead.  Afterwards Class 1 caught a lift home in Jill’s bus, whilst Class 2 marched back through the fields and arrived back at school in time to watch live as Mathieu van der Poel stormed to victory in Kendal.

What a fantastic afternoon!