World Book Day

This year’s World Book Day was a fabulous opportunity to celebrate and encourage reading for pleasure in our school community. We are committed to making sure all of our pupils are enthusiastic, capable and engaged readers, so it was simply wonderful to see the range of costumes and reading experiences that the children shared.

We loved hearing from children about what their favourite stories are and why they enjoy those characters. It was great to be able to share these together over Zoom, but even more encouraging to know that through a difficult lockdown, so many of our pupils have been taking comfort from diving into the wonderful world of fiction.

Below are some of the costumes, and some children recreating their favourite book covers.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Last week and this week we have been really enjoying exploring Fairtrade Fortnight.

We have learned about food producers from different parts of the world and the problems that affect farmers in some countries and areas.

We’ve learned about what the Fairtrade scheme is and how it benefits the farmers involved and allows them to earn a fair living and provide for their families.

One of the highlights of our first Fairtrade fortnight was todays ‘virtual visit’ from Claire Arnott of the Fairtrade Foundation. It was fantastic to hear in more detail how the scheme works and the children on the zoom call all asked excellent questions.

Our Christian values are central to all that we’re trying to achieve as a school, and engaging with Fairtrade is a great way to develop our our understanding of two of our core values -Justice & Compassion.

We’re really looking forward to exploring Fairtrade more in the future.