Collective Worship – Justice – Mr Prescott

As part of our work on the value of Justice, we looked at one of the most famous passages from the Bible about justice, Amos chapter 5.

At first the children were shocked to hear the message that God hated assemblies! But as we explored the passage through drama together they began to see the idea.

The children split up into groups and acted out different roles from the scene – Harriett was a very convincing prophet Amos.

Some of the children acting were too busy with their prayers, songs and sacrifices to notice the other children acting out injustices and suffering all around them – until Amos (Harriett) pointed it out.

We saw that in the Bible, God is not interested in religion, but in our hearts and our actions to others.

This prompted to us to think about what we’ve done this term to challenge injustice in our hearts and actions as well as explore the idea in collective worship.

Well done to the children for their fabulous acting, as well as for their sincere and thoughtful reflections.

Collective Worship -Justice – Mrs Umpleby

Some of the year 5 & 6 children joined Mrs Umpleby today in leading a fantastic collective worship session for the whole school.
The children acted out the story of The Fox & the Stork, from Aesop’s Fables.

We thought about how important it is to treat people how we would wish to be treated, and how justice is about people have what they need, even if that is different for different people.

Well done to Hazel & Bella for acting out the parts so well, and Luke for narrating excellently.