Tullie House Egyptian Workshop

This week Class 2 visited Carlisle to take part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop at Tullie House Museum.

Year 3 & 4 have been thinking about what the ancient Egyptians believed and their system of Gods, whereas Year 5&6 have been focusing more on the reasons the Egyptian civilisation flourished then declined.

The workshop gave us a chance to explore the practicalities of Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, as pupils took part in a mummification activity and studied statues of the Egyptian gods.

We also had the chance to examine a genuine artefacts, such as a mummified bird from an Egyptian tomb. Older children translated hieroglyphs from a 3000 year old fragment of stone!

This was great chance not only to bring the history curriculum to life, but to think like historians about the different types of information and how to handle and interpret artefacts and sources.

Thanks to Tullie House for helping to bring our curriculum to life.

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