Class 1 D&T Project

Within D&T Class 1 have been spending their Friday afternoons designing and creating their own cars. And wow, don’t they all look amazing!! What a fantastic job they have all done! They had to think about their wheels, what size they will be and where they will be placed on their base and many other aspects. I wonder which one would win in a race?

Homemade Ice Cream

Whilst Class 2 have been away, Class 1 have been getting up to some exciting activities at school this week. One activity included them making their own healthy ice creams, where the children got to choose their own ingredients, measure them out and blitz it all together, before putting them into their moulds. And with any spare ingredients they made fruit smoothies for snack time! Yummy!

Sports Day!

We had sports day this week. Even though we didn’t have the best of weather, rain tops were on and a great effort from all pupils. Everyone should be really proud of themselves. A big thank you to parents for a great turn out to support your children. Also, a big congratulations goes out to Artengill, who are this years sports day winners – Well done👏👏

Class 1 Safari

In Class 1 this week, the pupils have been delving further into their ‘hot countries’ topic. With Year 1 and 2 focusing on the Lion King and the Receptions reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’, everyone has come together to create their own safari animals with a wide range of different recyclable items. Alongside this, the children have also been writing their own travel journal  which involves a safari. I wonder what kind of animals they might bump into on their very own safari?

Film Club!

Film club is run on Fridays by Mandy. Pupils work together to make their own mini films by using stop-motion and creating their scenes with the wide range of Lego we have in school. As well as developing their own films, they also have the delight of sitting down and relaxing to watch a film once every few weeks. How nice!