Expedition Club

KS2 Expedition Club had a wonderful first expedition of the year. All the year 6 pupils joined in for a 5 mile hike from Dent and an overnight camp.

The pupils set up their own tents before heading off on the walk, a 5 mile hike with 1000ft of ascent. All the pupils demonstrated their navigation skills by contributing to route-finding and map-reading.

While we walked we discussed the different aspects of the landscape around us and the types of farming and livestock we could see & which breeds pupils farm (I now know a Zwartble from a Texel), which helped us cement our understanding of our current geography topic.

Back at camp the pupils cooked their own meals on their trangia stoves, before we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows round the wood stove.

Most people managed a good night’s sleep despite the wind and rain, and we packed up camp and trekked back to school this morning.

Well done Year 6!

Circulatory System KS2

This week in Science, within their Circulatory System topic, the year 5 and 6s made their own blood samples. This was done by measuring out the ingredients (syrup, food colouring, oil and milk) precisely and then it was time for them to give it a good mix! They were then to observe their representative blood sample. The different layers within their blood sample represent the components of blood. As a group we labeled them as Plasma (the top layer), the thin white middle layer representing the white blood cells and platelets, and the red lower layer as the red blood cells. Afterwards we explored what the blood does in our bodies and how it travels through the body in veins, arteries and capillaries.