Dent Heritage Centre

EYFS visited the Heritage centre as part of our Long Long Ago topic. After an exciting journey down the road, the children showed enthusiasm and great interest in all the different artifacts within the museum. There was also plenty of excited chatter and questions! A big thank you to Dent Heritage Centre for having us.

Baking Cakes

Last week Reception spent a lovely morning (as a follow-up to their maths lesson) baking fairy cakes to share with their friends in Nursery in the afternoon. The Reception children spent time measuring out their ingredients carefully on the scales, to ensure that the ingredients for their cakes were correct. They could explain if the scale was balanced or unbalanced. In the afternoon, we were joined by Nursery, who to their surprise were greeted by freshly baked cupcakes. They loved decorating their fairy cakes and were excited to take them home to enjoy!