Camera Club

Camera Club has been a wonderful new outlet for the pupils’ creativity. So far we’ve discussed composition and purpose, looked at operating the different controls of the camera, and begun to discuss the ‘exposure triangle’ mastered basic editing (as well, of course, as taking plenty of pictures)! The children are having great fun whilst they learn these skills. Take a look at a selection of some of the amazing pictures the students have taken whilst at camera club.

A special thanks go to Friends of Dent for funding the equipment for this club. Without their consistent fundraising we wouldn’t be able to provide the amazing range of personal development opportunities that we do!

Messy Club

Rosie and the Messy Club members have been having a very busy time recently with all sorts of different artwork. Recently they have been looking at ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and have created one big  piece of art together. Everyone worked really well together and we’ve never heard a room so quiet!! We have a lot of budding young artists.

Sing a Rainbow

Recently in EYFS, we talked about when we have seen rainbows and how they are formed with rain and sunshine. Everyone joined in with some beautiful singing in “Sing a Rainbow” and were able to talk about the colours they could see. Afterwards, with lovely teamwork, EYFS joined together to create a fabulous collage rainbow using different materials.