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Dent Governor Attendance 2018 2019

The Governing Board of Dent VA Primary School has three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction,
  2. Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff, and
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well-spent.

The constitution of our school’s Governing Board is as follows: 2 parent governors, 1 local authority governor, 1 head teacher, 1 staff governor, 7 foundation governors. The terms of office for all governors is 4 years, except for when a governor is a governor by virtue of their position, i.e. the head teacher and the vicar.

As of June 2018, we currently have vacancies for two Foundation Governors, one staff governor, and one Parent Governor. If you are interested in becoming a Foundation Governor, please speak to the Acting-Chair of the PCC, Janet Skublics. If you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor, please contact the Chair of the Governors, Kate Cairns:

The Education Committee: Mrs Helen Wilkinson (chair), Mrs Diana Bucknall (vice chair),  Mrs K Cairns, Mrs N Edwards, and Mrs C Roberts.

Education TOR 2018

The Resources Committee:  Graham Fraser (chair), Ms Helen Corpe (vice chair), Mrs K Cairns, Mrs N Edwards, and Mrs H Wilkinson.

Resources TOR 2018

 Governors Governor Category Appointing Body Appointment Date Date Stepped Down Attendance: FGB


Attendance: Committees


Role & Responsibilities
Kathleen Cairns Local Authority Governing Board 14 March 2016  n/a 7/7 6/6 Chair, HT performance management, Pay committee, SFVS
Rev. Andrew McMullon Foundation  ex-officio 5th Oct 2017 n/a 2/5 n/a Vice Chair, HT Performance management


Foundation  Carlisle Diocese 31 Oct 2017 n/a 5/6 2/3 SEND, VC Education
Helen Corpe Foundation Carlisle Diocese 17 Oct 2017 n/a 6/7 3/3 Vice Chair (Resources) Safeguarding, Memorial Hall liaison, SFVS
Graham Fraser Foundation Carlisle Diocese 30 Aug 2018 n/a n/a n/a Chair (Resources), HT Performance management
Catherine Roberts  Foundation Carlisle Diocese  30 Aug 2016 n/a 5/6 3/3 Education committee member. Christian ethos team.
Nicky Edwards Head teacher Ex-officio  n/a 7/7 6/6
Helen Wilkinson Parent Parents 16 May 2016 n/a 6/7 6/6 Chair (Education)
Recently resigned
David Prescott Staff Staff 16 Nov 2015 19 Oct 2018 4/6 n/a Chair (Education)
Catherine Hartley Foundation Carlisle Diocese  17 Oct 2017 14 Sept 2018 6/7 5/6 Vice chair, chair (Resources), vice-chair (Education), Pay committee
Ian McPherson Foundation Carlisle Diocese 21st Oct 2016 11 June 18 2/6 2/3 Chair (Education)
Ian Mitchell


Parent Governing Board 13 Nov 2017  12 July 2018 5/6 3/3 SFVS

Register of Personal and Pecuniary Interests

Governor  Name of organisation Nature of interest Date interest was registered Date of cessation of interest Notes
Kathleen Cairns 1. Dentdale and Garsdale Funding Group,

2. Dentdale WI,

3. Sedbergh medical practice.

4. Community transport

1. Treasurer/ trustee,

2. Treasurer,

3. Member of patient liaison group on behalf of the Parish Council

4. driver.

5 March ’18
Diana Bucknall None None 5 March ’18
Helen Corpe Dent VA Primary School


  1. Mother, Rita Corpe, is a voluntary worker in the school.
  2. Mother is acting chair of the PCC
26 Feb ’18 2. 24 Sept ’18
Catherine Roberts Dent VA Primary School CR works as a part-time classroom assistant in Class 1. 11 Sept ’17
Nicky Edwards Dent Primary School Member of staff. 11 Sept ’17
Graham Fraser St John’s church, Cowgill Treasurer 12 Nov  ’18
Rev. Andrew McMullon None None 24 Sept ’18
Helen Wilkinson Julian Wilkinson (builder)



HW is married to J. Wilkinson, and is mother to two children at the school. 5 March ’18 Mr Wilkinson has been asked to repair the roof tiles on the school.