Class 1 – RE

During RE, Class 1 have been studying Christianity, thinking about Jesus of his miracles. this lesson they focused onJesus feeding the 5000. Together as a class they discussed what Jesus did to feed everyone and how this was possible. A question which came up in conversation was “Do you think Jesus is special?” and this led onto many further thoughts and ideas about why Christians believe Jesus is so special, who do we label as ‘special’ and why. The pupils then had a chance to create a drawing/painting of their own special person/people.

Athletics Club

Athletics club open to Year 2 and up. Because we are surrounded on all sides by beautiful fields and fells, we love to enjoy them and keep fit by running! A fun way to keep active. Children who attend athletics club also have opportunities to run against other schools across Cumbria in Cross Country and Athletic competitions!

Class 2 Rounders!

This week, Class 2 have taken advantage of the hot weather and have undertaken some competitive games of ‘Mossy Rounders’ – rounders, but with a twist. There were some fantastic fielding skills, with even some catches once a ball was batted (double points!) Each team also had a handful of home runs! It was a fantastic game, with some brilliant sportsmanship and coaching of fellow team mates. It was great to see real progression in skills as the pupils gained experience.

Caterpillar Life Cycle

This week Class 1 have welcomed some special visitors into their classroom.
The children are currently learning about life cycles and so are now housing a group of caterpillars who will eventually undergo metamorphosis into butterflies.
The class 1 students are all very excited and each morning they have a chance to write in their caterpillar diaries, where they are able to record how much that have grown and what they are looking like, alongside their carefully drawn observations.

Music Club!

Music club is the ‘noisy’ club which can always be heard all the way back down in Class 1! Supported by Mrs Moss, our music clubbers are always on the go; either composing their own music on Garage Band, or having a turn on the handbells together, they are always sounding fantastic!! The club strikes a great balance between developing an understanding of musical theory, notation & composition, and giving pupils a really fun chance to experiment practically. 🎶

Here you can watch their rendition of Toto’s ‘Africa’ on handbells, it’s brilliant!

KS2 Athletics

Today KS2 visited a Casterton Athletics competition. Everyone took part in individual under 9 and under 11 boys and girls events, as well as the field events, which included relay races. Even in the summer’s heat, everyone performed fantastically and should be really proud of themselves!👏

Gardening Club

There is always some work to be done within the Dent School grounds, which our gardening clubbers are always keen to lend their green fingers to. Recently they’ve been doing some fantastic jobs (accompanied by the wonderful Barbara) within the flower & vegetable beds. I heard some people even went home with some home-grown rhubarb?!

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Today as a school we celebrated the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The children all dressed up in red, white and blue or their most special clothing. We had a celebratory picnic lunch, where we were joined by Joycelyn Manners-Armstrong & Scott Thornley from the Parish Council, who kindly gifted the children with commemorative Platinum Jubille £5 coins. Class 1s even made their own royal crowns and spent the morning researching the Queen & the Royal family.

We would also like to say a massive thank you to Dipped Treats, who very kindly donated the beautiful personalised cupcakes for our Jubilee picnic! They looked and tasted amazing!

Class 2’s Clay Vessels

Within Art, Class 2 have been using clay to sculpt and decorate their own clay vessel. This was in relation to one of their recent History topics, Ancient Egypt. The pupils individually researched and designed their own clay vessel to replicate the vessels which the Ancient Egyptians would have made and used to store organs from mummified pharaohs within the tombs. Once made and dried out, the pupils had an opportunity to decorate them. This was done with acrylic paints and has allowed all the children’s own artistic styles to shine through whilst reflecting the historical context of the pieces.

Class 1 Assembly- Compassion

Today, Class 1 had their class assembly. This half term, the pupils are focusing on compassion, therefore this was their main focus of Class 1’s assembly this morning.

Together they read ‘Hugless Douglas’. This is a sweet story about a bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug, so he goes out in search of one. This allowed for the pupils to have an open conversation about times when they felt like they were in need of a hug, and about how we can offer compassion to others when they are having a bit of a bad day, or feeling down.

This ended up with a whole class hug! It definitely got our day started off right and put a smile on everyone’s face!