Chess Club

Chess Club is restarting from Week 1 of Summer Term 2021!

Chess Club is open to Years 3-6.

Chess Club is a brilliant opportunity to learn an incredibly rich, complex and rewarding game. As well as being deeply enjoyable, chess is an amazing tool for developing pupils’ critical, mathematical and problem solving skills.

At Chess Club ( which has sometimes been the broader ‘board games club’ in the past) we learn the basic rules, strategy and tactics of chess.

Once we’ve mastered the basic rules, we look at some basic openings, tactics for developing your pieces and controlling space & material on the board, then some endgame tactics too.

Each week there is a ‘Chess Challenge’ which involves answering a 1 step and then a 2 step problem to gain points on the Challenge Chart.

And of course we give the bulk of the session to enjoying playing chess against each other.