Expedition Club

Aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 pupils, Expedition Club is an enormously exciting addition to our afterschool offer from September 2022.

Each week in school and around the village we practise the core skills needed for successful expeditions: map-reading & navigation, route-planning, cooking, campcraft, first aid and emergency procedures.

After a full half-term of training, Expedition Clubbers put their skills into practice with an overnight expedition and hike.

In our first full expedition in October, all 8 of the Year 6 pupils in the Club completed an journey from school which included a 5-mile hike and overnight camp, cooking their own meals and pitching their tents independently.

The club provides confidence and resilience for pupils to succeed in later life, as well as deepening their connections to the local environment and boosting wellbeing and giving opportunities to better understand our impact on and relationship with nature.

It also provides chances to deepen understanding of locational and place knowledge within the Key Stage 2 Geography curriculum.

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