Design & Technology

The document below sets out our intended Design and Technology curriculum throughout the school, agreed during the 2021-2022 academic year.

From September 2022 we have adopted the Cornerstone’s Curriculum Maestro platform which supports us to deliver engaging and progressive learning for all of our pupils across our small school of mixed-age classes. We have used Cornerstone’s ‘Curriculum 2022’ as the basis of our bespoke curriculum, adapting it to meet the needs of our specific pupils in line with our school vision and overall statement of curriculum intent.

The document below outlines the overall structure of Cornerstone’s ‘Curriculum 2022’ which we have used as the basis for our curriculum. We have adapted the projects used and/or the sequencing of them, as appropriate, to ensure good progression for our setting. Because we have mixed age classes, we have had to differentiate the learning objectives to ensure that as pupils progress through the cycle of projects they develop knowledge and skills which builds on their prior learning earlier in the same class.

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