A broad range of History is taught across the school in line with the national curriculum.

Since adopting Curriculum Maestro in school in September 2022, History is taught as a main ‘driver subject’ through term-long projects, such as Through the Ages, Childhood, or Invaders. You can see how History fits into our long-term plan here:

The document below sets out the Cornerstones Curriculum 2022 History overview which we have used as the basis for our curriculum. We have adapted the projects used and/or the sequencing of them, as appropriate, to ensure good progression for our setting. Because we have mixed age classes, we differentiate the learning objectives to ensure that as pupils progress through the cycle of projects they develop knowledge and skills which builds on their prior learning earlier in the same class.

You can view our previous History curriculum overview with progression of skills & knowledge, which we created in 2021-22 prior to adopting Curriculum Maestro here:

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