At Dent we believe that all children can take pleasure in mathematics and succeed. By giving all pupils a solid start in mathematical foundations and building their fluency we help all children to flourish and achieve their full potential.

Quick mental recall of number facts is a cornerstone of children’s mathematical development, so time is given every day to learning number facts, so that children can remember and use key addition, subtractions multiplication & division facts. This is usually the focus of maths homework. Pupils use Mathletics to help learn number facts as well as to consolidate learning on recent topics in school. You can log in here:

Mathletics Sign In

We believe mathematical fluency is also grounded in a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas, so we emphasis an investigative and exploratory approach to mathematics. Children learn to think carefully, independently making decisions and identifying links between different aspects of mathematics.

Throughout the school, Maths is taught using the White Rose Maths scheme of work.

In KS1 and EYFS the pupils are using the new 3.0 Schemes of Learning from September 2022. In KS2 the pupils are continuing to use the 2.0 Schemes of Learning for the 2022-23 academic year.

You can find the schemes of learning here:

Maths resources for teachers | White Rose Maths

Below is the ‘Ready To Progress summary’ which outlines skills and knowledge that pupils need in each year and term to build on previous knowledge and be prepared for the next stage of their maths learning.

Below are the calculation policies for addition & subtraction and multiplication & addition. You may find this helpful when discussing maths or supporting your child at home with maths work.

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