As a Voluntary Aided Church of England primary school, RE is a central and important part of our curriculum.

RE is taught as a discrete subject in both classes. In Class 1 pupils are taught RE in both EYFS and in KS1. In Class 2 pupils are currently split into Year 3&4 and Year 5&6 groups, a change we have made to address the amount of coverage in our RE curriculum and to allow for clear progression of skills and knowledge between years.

Our RE teaching places a strong emphasis on the teaching of Christianity, as per the 2019 CE Statement of Entitlement, however we try to provide a balanced overview of several other religions to ensure pupils experience and explore a range of diverse worldviews and perspectives.

We use Blackburn Diocese’s Questful RE resources alongside projects from Curriculum Maestro to achieve this balance.

You can see how RE fits into our long term plans here:

Below is our RE Policy:

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