Theatre by the Lake: The Borrowers

Class 2 went to visit Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake to see an adaptation of Mary Norton’s Classic children’s novel The Borrowers. The pupils were all enraptured by the skilful performances of the cast as well as the magnificent set design and the array of songs.

The musical talent the small cast displayed was inspiring for the children, especially those who have been working towards performances themselves in school with Mr Fudge.

Pupils wrote great reviews of the play the following day which demonstrated their enjoyment and understanding.

PSCO Visit

Class 2 had a very informative and thought-provoking discussion with PSCO Jenna Eggleston when she came to visit today. Jenna had read the children’s letters about anti-social behaviour and helped to explain how the police have to balance the rights of different groups and individuals to respond appropriately to problems.

Jenna also took some time to talk specifically to the year 6 pupils about online safety as an early part of their transition to secondary school, and to fit in with their upcoming PSHE unit on keeping safe.

Memorial Tree Planting

This week pupils took part in a tree planting ceremony, planting a tree in the car park field to commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. The planting was organised by Dent Women’s Institute, in collaboration with the Parish Council and with the YDNP trees officer Lee Johnson.

The pupils had to chance to hear about the importance of trees from Lee Johnson and then several of the older pupils helped to plant the tree.

Pupils had a sense of being able to contribute to a historical event in their own small way, and we are very grateful to the WI for inviting us to be part of the occasion, which was enjoyable even on a very cold day!

Woodwork Club

In Woodwork Club this term 12 pupils worked under the guidance of local joiner Brad Dalzell to prepare their moveable bird mobiles. The finished products were excellent and all of the pupils could proudly take home their own handiwork to hang up proudly at home.

Well done to the pupils for your hard work and thank you to Brad for the support. We’d also like to thank Friends of Dent for funding the materials and tools for this club!

Promise Auction!

After a 3 year hiatus due to Covid-19, this week we were able to finally host the Friends of Dent Promise Auction again. We are so grateful to the Friends of Dent Committee for all of their hard work in organising it and also to all those who generously donated promises.

We were absolutely astounded that the bidding on the night came to over £7,000!!

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who came and contributed in any way, the money will make a tremendous difference in allowing us to continue providing a fantastic range of activities and learning opportunities to our pupils.

Interfaith Workshop with Sedbergh Primary School

This week the whole of Key Stage 1 & 2 travelled to Sedbergh Primary School to take part in an interfaith workshop organised by Andy Burgess and other local faith leaders.

The workshop gave pupils a chance to grill representatives of a wide range of different faiths and hear them present their beliefs. This was a challenging and thought provoking session and it was particularly good for pupils to see members of different faiths interacting with respect for each other despite their different opinions.

Class 2 Meditation Centre Trips

As part of their PSHE and personal development, Class 2 have again been visiting the Meditation Centre to have some time learning basic yoga and breathing techniques. The pupils developed their sense of how they can use manage their own bodies and have a sense of themselves that can be helpful to them in times of stress or difficulty.

Expedition Club

KS2 Expedition Club had a wonderful first expedition of the year. All the year 6 pupils joined in for a 5 mile hike from Dent and an overnight camp.

The pupils set up their own tents before heading off on the walk, a 5 mile hike with 1000ft of ascent. All the pupils demonstrated their navigation skills by contributing to route-finding and map-reading.

While we walked we discussed the different aspects of the landscape around us and the types of farming and livestock we could see & which breeds pupils farm (I now know a Zwartble from a Texel), which helped us cement our understanding of our current geography topic.

Back at camp the pupils cooked their own meals on their trangia stoves, before we enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows round the wood stove.

Most people managed a good night’s sleep despite the wind and rain, and we packed up camp and trekked back to school this morning.

Well done Year 6!

Circulatory System KS2

This week in Science, within their Circulatory System topic, the year 5 and 6s made their own blood samples. This was done by measuring out the ingredients (syrup, food colouring, oil and milk) precisely and then it was time for them to give it a good mix! They were then to observe their representative blood sample. The different layers within their blood sample represent the components of blood. As a group we labeled them as Plasma (the top layer), the thin white middle layer representing the white blood cells and platelets, and the red lower layer as the red blood cells. Afterwards we explored what the blood does in our bodies and how it travels through the body in veins, arteries and capillaries.

Beatrix Potter

Yesterday class 1 visited the Beatrix Potter attraction in Bowness in relation to their ‘movers and shakers’ class project. They encountered ‘Beatrix Potter’ herself and were able to ask her questions about her life, books, and characters. They found out her favorite book was ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’ and that she used to live in Lindon before moving up the Lake District and into Hill Top Farm. Afterward, the whole class had the chance to wander around the museum and explore the world of Beatrix Potter. Everyone has a brilliant time and came away with big smiles and a fantastic understanding of Beatrix Potter and her work.