Carlisle Cathedral

After our visit to Tullie House last week, KS2 made our way over to the Cathedral for a ‘Worship & Wonder’ tour and workshop.

It was wonderful opportunity to learn more about the different functions of places of worship to help us in our RE. Beyond that, however, it was an opportunity for spiritual development as pupils had the chance to quietly reflect, to marvel at the astonishing art and architecture of the cathedral, and to contemplate the long history of the site as a place of worship.

As the Cathedral is the venue for the leavers service later in the year, it was helpful for Year 6 to visit in advance and have some time to soak up the special environment for that important milestone.

Tullie House Egyptian Workshop

This week Class 2 visited Carlisle to take part in an Ancient Egyptian workshop at Tullie House Museum.

Year 3 & 4 have been thinking about what the ancient Egyptians believed and their system of Gods, whereas Year 5&6 have been focusing more on the reasons the Egyptian civilisation flourished then declined.

The workshop gave us a chance to explore the practicalities of Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, as pupils took part in a mummification activity and studied statues of the Egyptian gods.

We also had the chance to examine a genuine artefacts, such as a mummified bird from an Egyptian tomb. Older children translated hieroglyphs from a 3000 year old fragment of stone!

This was great chance not only to bring the history curriculum to life, but to think like historians about the different types of information and how to handle and interpret artefacts and sources.

Thanks to Tullie House for helping to bring our curriculum to life.

Rawthey Run

Every year runners from KS2 in our school are invited to take part in the Rawthey Run at Sedbergh School. Today was the first time since before Covid.

It’s always a challenging course, and the weather at this time of year can make it even more challenging! Our runners, however, train all year round in club with Mrs Moss, so they were more than prepared for the first ‘post-Covid-19’ Rawthey Run. Both in their training and in their performance on the day, they demonstrated our school value of Endurance superlatively.

Well done to all of runners, and many thanks to Sedbergh School for what was, as always, an outstanding event.

Consultation on changing the age range of Dent CE Primary School

In order to ensure that families in Dentdale have the best access possible to childcare and education, Dent School is intending to change it’s age range to offer EYFS provision to 3 year olds. Our intention is that this will complement the existing offer by Dent Preschool, which is run separately to the school. You can read a consultation letter from our chair of governors, Kate Cairns, below.

Collective Worship – Justice – Mr Prescott

As part of our work on the value of Justice, we looked at one of the most famous passages from the Bible about justice, Amos chapter 5.

At first the children were shocked to hear the message that God hated assemblies! But as we explored the passage through drama together they began to see the idea.

The children split up into groups and acted out different roles from the scene – Harriett was a very convincing prophet Amos.

Some of the children acting were too busy with their prayers, songs and sacrifices to notice the other children acting out injustices and suffering all around them – until Amos (Harriett) pointed it out.

We saw that in the Bible, God is not interested in religion, but in our hearts and our actions to others.

This prompted to us to think about what we’ve done this term to challenge injustice in our hearts and actions as well as explore the idea in collective worship.

Well done to the children for their fabulous acting, as well as for their sincere and thoughtful reflections.

Collective Worship -Justice – Mrs Umpleby

Some of the year 5 & 6 children joined Mrs Umpleby today in leading a fantastic collective worship session for the whole school.
The children acted out the story of The Fox & the Stork, from Aesop’s Fables.

We thought about how important it is to treat people how we would wish to be treated, and how justice is about people have what they need, even if that is different for different people.

Well done to Hazel & Bella for acting out the parts so well, and Luke for narrating excellently.

Outdoor & Adventure Day

This week’s outdoor and adventure day, run by Lakes-based company Real Adventure, was a lovely opportunity for the children to connect with each other and nature at the start of the year. Through a wide variety of games, creative projects and reflective discussions, the children were able to explore their own ideas and work together to solve problems.

After lots of time apart and socially distanced, this day of being together in the fresh air was just the tonic.

Collective Worship – Justice – Becca Gilbert

This morning we had a lovely collective worship time together in assembly, even though Covid meant it had to be over zoom!

Becca shared a bible story from Matthew 19, when Jesus challenged the unjust way that people around him treated children. He said that ‘the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these’ and welcomed the children when others didn’t see their value.

Then we looked at the example of Rosa Parks, who stood up for justice for black people in Alabama when others wouldn’t, making a huge difference to the lives of many African American people.

“I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to  enjoy freedom.“

 Rosa Parks

Becca challenged us to think of examples of injustice in the world around us. Later on we wrote some of our thoughts down, listing injustices in the wider world and in our immediate situations. We started to think about which ones we could do something about and decided to take some action based on these.