Whole School Worship

Normally we celebrate our shared Christian values and take time to reflect, pray and learn together each day in our whole school and class assemblies.  This is regularly led by our school staff as well as members of the Western Dales Mission Community.

January 2021

Each week during lockdown we are having whole school worship on Zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00am.

On Wednesdays Mr Prescott or another member of staff will lead assembly and on Mondays one of our regular guest visitors will lead us.

Here is Becca Gilbert’s Assembly from Monday 18th January:

Here is a video from the new minister in our parish, Becca Gilbert, introducing herself to the children. Thanks Becca for the video, we can’t wait to have you in school in person!

Here’s a fantastic asssembly video from Andy, talking about Pentecost

Here’s our latest assembly video from Judith Bush, who often comes in from Sedbergh to help us with our assemblies.

We really enjoy these times together and so Andy has shared a short reflection with us today.  We hope the resources we post here will help all of our children and families during the school closure