Key Policies (Inc. Covid 19)

*****Key COVID 19 Addenda to Policies and Risk Assessments*****

Dent Code of Conduct Addendum V3 – June 2020

Dent COVID-19 Operations Risk Assessment V3

Dent Health Safety Policy Addendum V2- June 2020

Dent RA Covid 19 Premises V3 04.06.2020

Dent School Child Protection Policy Addendum

Dent Whole School Behaviour Policy Addendum V1 May 2020


Key Policies and information about the school.


Dent Primary School Overarching Safeguarding Statement

Dent Whole School Behaviour September 2019

Dent School Code of Conduct March 2020


Dent Privacy Notice May 2018

Dent School Health & Safety Policy May 2018

School Absence Enforcement Polcy

Dent Privacy Notice Workforce

Vision & Values Summary

Dent Pupil Premium Strategy 2017 to 2018

Dent Pupil Premium Strategy 2016 to 2017

PE Premium 2015 and 16

PE Premium 2016 and 17

PE Premium 2017 and 18

PE and Sports Premium 2018-2019

Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Admisions Policy 2022-23

Leave of absence in term time

Parent Questionnaire Results April 2018

Dent Child Protection Policy and Procedures – November 2020.docx

Dent Peer on Peer Abuse Policy November 2020.docx

Complaints Procedure

Dent Charging and Remissions Policy November 2020