KS2 Geography & Geology Workshop

This Term in Class 2 Geography the pupils have been looking at the physical geography of volcanoes and earthquakes around the world, as well as the way those things interact with human geography of cities and settlements around the world.

As part of the topic we invited a local geologist, Steven Wright, into school to hold an interactive geology workshop with the children.

Steven was able to explain the geology of volcanoes to the children using amazing practical models, as well as footage and actual rocks from his many expeditions to live volcanoes around the world.

He also helped children to understand, again with practical resources and samples of different rocks, the way the remarkable geology of our local area contributes to the amazing landscapes around our school.

We always want our curriculum to embrace and connect with our local environment, as well as encouraging pupils to look more broadly at the wider world. Steven was an inspiring figure who helped children to do both of those things